Wear sunscreen and sunglasses, take a hat, wear comfortable shoes. This sounds like common sense but you'll be amazed at how much walking you'll do in the sun. Some shows will provide shade tents and some fans prefer the shade of the wing of a C-5. Whatever your choice, come prepared to be in the elements. Check the local weather forecast. Listen to the local weather but don't let a little rain dissuade you from attending a show. Shows will work around the weather and there are many acts that continue in overcast skies or light rain. So, you may pack an umbrella alongside that sunscreen! Come early for static photos If you're looking to capture images of the aircraft on static display, you'll want to arrive as soon as the gates open to avoid people milling through your shot. Many photographers will also wait until after the show to avoid traffic and capture a softer light.

24 may 0000

Come out and enjoy a day of family fun and excitment! Aerobatic acts, static displays, parachute jumping, food, classic car show, music, commercial vendors and more! For specific information about the airshow performers, click the "perfomers" link in the website menu bar, above. -The fun starts at 8 a.m. with our pancake breakfast, and G.A. fly-in. -FREE ADMISSION to the public!! Its just another day..........of airplanes, fun, and excitment for everyone! From I84 west bound take exit 29 and follow the signs to the airport. From I84 east bound take exit 29 and follow the signs to the airport From Linder, westbound, cross middleton road and follow signs. From Linder eastbound cross under the I84 and follow signs From ustick, westbound cross middleton road and follow signs. From Ustick eastbound cross OVER the I84 and follow signs

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BOB FINER BIO Bob has been flying since 1975. He currently flies the single pilot, twin turbine, Grumman S-2T as an aerial firefighter pilot under contract in California. As an aircraft carrier-qualified Marine Corps jet aviator he has flown low level close air support, forward air control and instructed fellow Naval Aviators in air-to-air combat maneuvering. Bob has won and placed in aerobatic competitions at the regional and national level, flown local air shows and taught aerobatic flying for over twenty years. He has flown over 9000 hours without an auto-pilot and holds Instructor ratings for single and multi- engine airplanes and instrument flying. Bob and his wife, Dena, reside in Idaho when not in California during the fire season. S-1T INFO The airplane Bob is flying today is a 1986 Stock, Unmodified Pitts S-1T biplane. It has evolved from the original 1947 design of Curtis Pitts and is one of about 40 T-models that were built at the factory in Afton, Wyoming. The “T” is a single-seat version with symmetrical wings, inverted fuel and oil systems and a 200 horsepower AEIO-360 engine turning a constant speed propeller. Bob’s S-1T has an empty weight just over 900 pounds and is certified in the “Experimental” category.

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